Green Seasoning

What is Green Seasoning?

As its name implies, the most obvious aspect of Green Seasoning is its green color. Besides that, it is a unique Trinidadian blend of herbs ranging from green onions to thyme. The hidden gem is in the way they are blended, and the combinations, that makes them Trinidadian instead of lets say, Italian. Thanks to the familiarity of the ingredients in the blend, you can be sure that you'll like this version even if you've never tried it before. This makes the blend an excellent way to make your cooking taste different without any fear of ending up with something unpalatable.

Check out our YouTube video under SPICES AND SEASONINGS to get an idea of how easy it is to use this product.  If you're already into Trinidadian or Caribbean cooking, you'll also want to find some ghee butter for sale. Ghee is a form of clarified butter that can be a mess to make on your own, so it's much easier if you can get some that has already been prepared. 

Our spice and seasoning line is a common theme to the majority of our meals. Thus, we want to introduce to you at least one spice or seasoning.  We are confident it will survive in your pantry and keep your meals well seasoned.